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Congratulations on discovering Journalism 2.0, a totally hands-on journalism training by EFY that will enable you to communicate about technology, and use the right technology to communicate better.

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EFY Tech Center
As you may be aware, there is an urgent need for hands-on training for electronics engineers in India to make them more suitable for taking up a technical job.

As per several studies conducted recently, it was found that nearly 75% of the engineers passing out from various institutes are unemployable as they are severely deficient in practical hands-on training.

Since EFY has been publishing electronic circuits and projects in Electronics For You magazine to help its readers cover this deficiency to some extent, we would now like to be of further assistance to them by providing practical hands-on training. This training would be imparted in various ways, such as:

• In-house training at EFY centres at various places in India
• On-site training in institutes and organisations anywhere in India
• Self-learning with kits and step-by-step instructions provided by us

Besides regular training being conducted at EFY Centres in New Delhi, Bengaluru and Hyderabad, training has been conducted at many institutes. Some of the institutes where the training has been imparted are:

Institute Subject Location
Ambedkar Polytech Basics of Electronics (5 Days) Delhi
DAVIET College Robotics (5 Days) Punjab
ESTC PIC16 Microcontroller(10 Days) Ramnagar
Galgotia College of Engineering Basics of Electronics (5 Days) Noida
Kalasalingam University Basics of Electronics (5 Days) Madurai
Meri College Engineering & Technology Basics of Electronics (5 Days) Panipat
Manavrachana College Robotics Course (5-10 Days) Faridabad
NIT Agartala PCB Design (5 Days) Agartala
Rajagiri College of Engineering and Technology 1. PIC16F Micro Controller (10 Days) Kerala
SAM College of Engineering 1. Basic of Electronics (5 Days) Bhopal
St.Joseph’s College of Engineering And Technology PCB Design (5Days) Kerala
Indian Institute Of Space Science And Technology PIC18F Microcontroller (10Days) Kerala
Gandhi institute of Technology advancement PCB Design (2 Days) Bhubneswar
St Joseph college PCB Design (2 Days) Hyderabad


EFY Group aims to develop Educational Partners staff and infrastructure to a level were the students under going electronics related courses are better prepared for the industry. EFY will also provide marketing and industry-interaction support to the EIP to facilitate better interaction between electronics industry and EIP’s faculty and students.

A key aspect of this agreement is to setup an EFY Lab at Educational Institute Partner(EIP) premises and to offer regular training courses through-out the year that will enable Institutes faculty and infrastructure to develop students into knowledgeable electronics-circuit design engineers, who can either become entrepreneurs or be hired by the industry seeking electronics-circuit design engineers.


Roles & Responsibilities of EFY:

  • EFY will impart 8 training programmes at the campus of EIP that will cover the entire breadth of electronics circuit design.
  • EFY will setup an Electronics Circuit Design Lab within the Electronics Lab of EIP.
  • EFY will provide annual subscriptions of the digital edition of Electronics For You to the students enrolled by EIP for its training programme
  • One session will involve an experienced professional from the electronics design industry who will share latest technology, industry and career trends with the students enrolled in EFY’s training programme.
  •  EFY will give a table-space to EIP at the annual industry event organised by EFY i.e. EFY Expo, wherein EIP can promote its capabilities to the industry and interact with 10,000+ decision-makers visiting EFY Expo.
  •  EFY will promote the EIP amongst the industry through its website where it will list profile and logo of all EIPs of EFY.

Skill-sets Developed by EFY’s Training Programme:

· Working with basic electronics components and concepts

· Design and fabrication of PCBs

· Testing and trouble-shooting circuits using common Test & Measurement Equipment

· Use of communication modules such as GSM, Wifi, Bluetooth, etc

· Use of latest sensors such as Accelerometers, Gyroscopes, etc

· Use of micro-controllers including programming them

· Use of latest Development Boards like Arduino and Raspberry Pi

· Developing production-ready circuit design.


Other Courses and Training Programmes Offered:

  1. Basics of Electronics
  2. PCB Designing
  3. Microcontroller
  4. Arduino
  5. Raspberry Pi
  6. Robotics
  7. VLSI/FPGA Design


For more details contact:

Shivam Mishra
Mobile: 9910777120.

What is Institute Finder?

EFY’s institute finder or ‘Technical Institute Finder’ is an initiative by EFY to facilitate students to find the most suited technical institute around their location. The tool lists the training institutes across the country with all the courses they run on technical training.

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